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Winning Compositions

You may have an image which is completely and totally correct in all technical respects, but if you don’t have good composition, you don’t have a great image. Compositional tools are guidelines that speak to what our mind and eye … Continue reading

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Shooting for Sharpness

Why aren’t my images sharp? Let me count the ways!  You are using a tripod aren’t you? That just the place to start, there are many ways you can improve the sharpness of your images.  Stay tuned! Recommend on Facebook … Continue reading

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Many people who would love to be wildlife photographers will freely admit that they don’t have enough patience. You do need patience and a lot of it.  Fortunately, patience can be developed or learned. Sometimes a super image materializes right … Continue reading

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Become a Naturalist

Naturalists seek to understand the natural environment and why critters do what they do. Learning about a species will help you to get closer to them physically, but also help you to understand and anticipate their behavior so that you … Continue reading

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Ethics Matter

Ethics do matter.  They matter to the subjects you photograph and the environments they inhabit, to your fellow photographers, to the communities you work within and they should matter to you. Recommend on Facebook Share on Linkedin share via Reddit … Continue reading

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Look to the light

This image is of a strong back light on heavily frosted grass. It was a very cold November day in Yellowstone and I headed into the woods, looking for something total different. While looking around the sun light came through … Continue reading

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Beyond Documentation

An image which simply communicates “I saw this”, might be good but it will never be really impressive. Learning to look beyond documentation will take your images from good to great! Recommend on Facebook Share on Linkedin share via Reddit … Continue reading

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Sense of Place

An image which gives us a sense of place, or an insight into what life was like for that creature during that instant in time, will always be better than one that says simply this is an “xyz”. Recommend on … Continue reading

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