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Tail Feathers

When the wolves kill an elk or bison in Yellowstone, many other birds and animals benefit too.  Generally within an hour of the prey’s death, ravens have discovered it and other scavengers are soon to follow. They all try to … Continue reading

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How Steady are You Really!

Think you can hand hold anything?  Experiment.  Go outside, choose a subject and test your self by shooting a few frames handheld and same subject again with a tripod. Look at them closely on the computer.  You will see a … Continue reading

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Get Ready

Keep your equipment organized so that you can find it when you need it quickly.  Sounds simple, yes?  I don’t think it is.  You need a system that works for you.  It took me several years to develop mine, but … Continue reading

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Stop the Car

When you are looking for wildlife, most people look too casually.  Stop the car, get out and really look.  If you have binoculars, by all means use them. Focus your thoughts on finding something, anything.  Once you find something, you … Continue reading

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What’s Your Favorite Kind of Weather?

What’s your favorite kind of weather? The question really is what light is the best for photographing animals?  The Chamber of Commerce kind of day where the sun is bright, the sky big blue and the birds are singing is … Continue reading

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Do You have a Sense of Entitlement?

If you have ever photographed some where that attracts a lot of other photographers you will recognize this behavioral pattern.  It happens all the time in Yellowstone but it could be at any national park, wildlife refuge, or any other … Continue reading

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Three Basic Types of Wildlife Photographs

There are three basic types of wildlife photographs. The portrait, the behavioral image and the environmental image.  Each can be spectacular.  Beginners shoot the documentary “I saw this”. Usually the image is too far away to be a good portrait … Continue reading

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Compositional Categories

All of the various composition rules/guidelines can be categorized into five concepts: 1) Placement of the subject; 2) Lines within; 3) Suggestion of movement 4) Color change 5) Depth of field There are various rules and guidelines for each one … Continue reading

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