Many people who would love to be wildlife photographers will freely admit that they don’t have enough patience. You do need patience and a lot of it.  Fortunately, patience can be developed or learned. Sometimes a super image materializes right before your eyes and you barely have time to shoot one frame.  Usually though, you have to rely on your skills as a naturalist and intel from various sources just to have some idea where to start to look.

Got a lead on a badger den in area known for badger activity?  Even if you know exactly where the sett/den is, you might wait 4-8 hours just to have the mother return and in a nano second disappear down into the sett.

I spent 4 full days waiting at the little lake in this image for several otters to wake up and hopefully show us some great behavior. The opportunities were few, but great when they happened.  It is the reward that you get for your patience that gives you the tenacity to wait again the next time.  Pretty soon you begin to realize that it is a priviledge and a luxury to share their world for a day, or a week or more!

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