Get Ready

Keep your equipment organized so that you can find it when you need it quickly.  Sounds simple, yes?  I don’t think it is.  You need a system that works for you.  It took me several years to develop mine, but here is what I do.

I have two boxes in which I have put dividers (covered in soft fabric) one box is for lens and the like and the other I use for all the other gear we carry.  I like the boxes to be able to quickly pull out like a drawer. Above the boxes sit my lens racks with lens mounted and camera bodies attached, cards empty and batteries charged.  (On the dash of the car I keep a 100-400 mounted and a 28-135 mounted as well.  If you are counting, that’s 4 camera bodies.  Several of which I would not use by choice if I have time to change the body out to a better camera I will, but if not, I’m ready.

I have also built a tripod rack so that both of my tripods can ride fully extended and ready to go. Any idea how much time you loose as you are trying to set up your tripod? Me neither, but that time is precious and you don’t need to waste it fumbling with the tripod!

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